Saturday, March 19, 2016

How to make a sound: PADS

We will offer you a basic "recipe" for developing pad sounds with the JU-06. There are tons of textures out there; so please note these are only some starting points; it's up to you to create unique pad sounds for your music.


SQUARE/PULSE or SAW or both combined

RANGE: 8 or 16

You could add some SUB sometimes but usually none

Modulate the PWM with the LFO.


HPF - most of the times at 0; but you can use it to cut some low end

VCF - adjust FREQ to taste; RES mostly to 0

ENV - adjust to taste; LFO mostly to 0; KYBD mostly to 10


Attack (0-5); Delay (3-9); Sustain (4-10); Release (4-8)


According to taste


Yes (I or II)

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