Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Tips and Tricks: How to record your JU-06

The JU-06 has a mono signal, but its chorus is stereo.

So record any one voice sound (bass, leads, etc.) in mono, while any sound with chorus (pads, strings, etc.) will be recorded in stereo.

As simple as that!

PS: don't forget about the recording level, use an external preamp and make sure the average recording level is around -18 dBs (0 dB VU) for optimum results. You could also record via the USB interface but note that the incoming signal will be a little lower, so it's best to use an external preamp audio interface.


  1. Hi,
    Just got my JU-06 and I want to record it with Cubase Artist 8, but I don´t get it to work. How do I do it? Would be very thankful for a step by step guide. I use a PC with Cubase Artist 8 and a Presonus FP10.
    Thanks! :)
    Best regards

  2. I'm not familiar with Cubase, but in my mind, most DAWs are similar. There are some options. First and foremost, unless you have the optional keyboard, you have to have some sort of midi device to send a signal to the JU-06 in order to place the note. I'm assuming you have a midi keyboard of some sort if you have Cubase. You basically then use a 1/8" connector (similar to a started headphone connection) and hook it to the output of the JU-06, you'll need an adaptor and they have those at music stores. Then you hook the other side of the 1/4" connector to an input on the Presonus F10 (note which input you connect). then in Cubase you set up an audio track and the JU-06 is whatever input you're using (ie, as if you were connecting a guitar or keyboard)

    If you want to have midi from Cubase send signal to the JU-06, you have to connect midi
    1. midi cable out from Presonus to midi in on JU-06
    2. via USB from JU-06 and connect to pc

    you then set up an external instrument and have the cubase send midi to the JU-06 (via 1 or 2) and the audio comes back to Cubase via the setup describe above.

    Plenty of Youtube videos showing how to do this

  3. To recod through a preamp, dont you have to get the line level audio out from the Juno to XLR? Most pre-amps have xlr inputs, right?

  4. they have combo xlr/line imagine your audio interface has some sort of line in